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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 15"

We missed you, Dave!

Three years already? Oh, where have the times gone? This episode was simply hilarious. I can say without a doubt that my favorite scene was Hamster doing "hamster dance dot com" and "Badger Badger Badger." That had me cracking up for a long time. Like your other episodes, the graphics were awesome. I could tell that you cleaned up the animation in certain parts. That adds some big cool points toward you! What’s this I’m hearing? A new DVD? Hell, if it's priced at only $16.95, I actually feel like buying one! I didn't purchase your other DVD so I didn't get the chance to see RAB 6. It looks like a great opportunity to do so!

Keep up the excellent work!

Oh dear god, Dave.

It happened. Finally I'm able to review before the mindless masses see this on the front page. I love your movies.
<3 HeinekenClock.


Just attempting to compare Happy Tree Friends with RAB makes you an idiot! The flashfilms are SO diffrent from eachother. Happy Tree Friends are just about a bunch of "cute" animals that alll of a sudden release a bloodbomb. RAB has stories and much more potential of lasting as a flash then the other. Those who claim that RAB is a rip-off... I'd approve if you die brutaly right now.


I gave you a 5 for style cuz you stole the badger\mushroom\executive\blah thing...Ah screw it, what am I talkin' bout Willis? .....O.o OH SNHAPS!!11 TIME 4 MEH MEDICIN AGAN!!!!!!1111ONE11

Loved it

especially da end when Bunny jumps and the end music is "Jump" by Van Halen