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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 15"


I think that your "Magic Hat" commercial adn the first episode of RAB were the best ones in the bunch, but thsi entire series, from 2-15, has started to go from 'Retarded' to 'Perverted.' I am sorry, but they don't seem as retarded as they used to be.


A combination of fairly well drawn graphics, a load of unfunny toilet humour and lame internet references with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever without a storyline makes this episode of the RAB series. Not only did you not make me laugh once, you overused the 'flashback' style joke way too much and the toilet humour was unnessecary.

A good flash cartoon has not just well drawn graphics, it has a good storyline, and is usually funny or keeps the viewer wanting to watch it. This had none of those features. Fail.