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Reviews for "Rawk Race"


it was slow at first but it got funny at the end

MACception responds:

Yeah, I felt the same way...liked it though :D


Well, that was surprisingly different to see from you.

Nice and enjoyable.

MACception responds:

Thanks man. I'm trying to change it up a bit :D

both average

i remember when the first one came out i gave it a 4 now i give this a 5 keep up the good work

MACception responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, the other one came out yesterday :P I'll keep doin' what I do...hope you guys dig it.

Mmm... it was ok

It wasn't good, nor was it bad. Avarage.

I suggest improving on the artwork, & it was kinda short so make it longer.


MACception responds:

Eh, I like to keep them as just short clips. Doesn't seem many like pointless animations like these, so, I dont want to waste their time :P Thanks.

ummm.. Yeah..

unfortunately they are not in fact as much fun to watch as they are to make apparently

MACception responds:

Awww... :(