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Reviews for "2006| The Rambo Bros."

That was great

Alway's fun with to Bro's

Not gonna rate, just fixing something

The game wont start for me. It loads, takes a minute after its done loading, then goes to black forever. I can keep right clicking and pressing forward to get to the beginning logos though. I do have flash 8.

mario drops that nintendo-esque innocence

mario looks good holdin a rifle. i have this funny problem where i cant reload at all when im fighting bowser, but other than that this is pretty hilarious and fun to play... plot works for me. voices aren't too bad. escaping from the room in the castle is pretty funny...

this rocked!!!!!!!

omg, this was so awsum! I loved this, i love the mario brothers, and i love the ending :) Great game, you should be proud. I like ur humor :)


nice and easy game.Great Job