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Reviews for "2006| The Rambo Bros."

i like luigi's credit card ^_^"'

If I'm lugi, i'll take another card than THAT, o well, great game n i hate bowzer

about that..................

it wasn't really that great. even the first level wasn't "passable" for me. how could those freaking koopas even know you're there? i mean, shouldn't you be camoflauged? that's a snipers best buddy isn't it? the koopas wouldn't need snipers... they're guards aren't they? why shouldn't they have M15's?

damn lukuti bros

only part i hate is that w*nker lukuti bros who keeps throwing bombs at you , and hes spose to be a good guy but otherwise it would be a totally shit game but since its mario i give it better scores

Rather annoying.

The only bad part about this was the damn turtles coming out of the windows on the opposite side of your crosshair and shooting within 2 seconds. Other than that it was okay.



It was decent, but it should've been a bit better like showing more blood and gore.