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Reviews for "2006| The Rambo Bros."

for for fans of mario

cool for bout 3 minutes


to get the speed up medal easy as pie (mmm pie) when you start the game right click on screen and click forward it should tak you through parts of the game keep on doing that until you when but when you do it should say take taken: CHEATER!!!!

Fun, but very difficult.

I dunno if you actually tested this game before you released it, but you're not given a lot of time to respond when an enemy pops on screen. This is most apparent in the second level. Almost as soon as the koopa pops up out of the side pane, he fires at you. Also, there's nowhere for Mario to run for cover. In some shooting games there's a bail button where you can hide behind/under something and wait for enemy fire to cool down before riddling them with more bullets. With Mario just being out in the open, no wonder he dies so much.

You and Mario apparently don't play enough Counterstrike.


(Matt) Pretty cool. Over all i thought it was kinda funny sniping koopa's. And to the guy before me, the koopas aren't hard to hit, you just suck if you can't hit those little bastards.

Overall i give it a 4.

pretty shitty

UMMMMM...koopas r hard to hit. whats with those little bastards. and king koopa is a indestructable son of a bitch. he'll hide in is bowser shell like every time. g0D i hate koopas, but this is not enough to release my anger, go back and add some brutal gore!