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Reviews for "2006| The Rambo Bros."

its not that bad

not the best game i played but i will give you 7 stars

Um... Sure.

I personally thought this game would be good, but in reality, the game is bad. No offence, but if you were gonna make this game worth playing, at least make it with more action. I agree with XxJ45S0NxX because the first level was EXTREMELY BORING. All you do is shoot Koopas, and on the second level, it's almost impossible to beat. AK-47 only fires one bullet, and yeah. Game could have been better than it was. Please, like XxJ45S0NxX said in his last statement, if you really plan on making a sequel to the game, please make it better than this crap. I'm really disappointed.


I only had to play the first two levels to realize the game sucked. Bad. Although the animations were pretty good, the gameplay was horrible and unrealistic. The first level was very boring, just shooting koopas with a sniper and having to reload every five fucking shots, and it's very hard to kill the koopas, it's like all you can do is make headshots, which is really boring. The second level was incomprehensible at first, and once you do get it, it's just stupid. An AK47 that fires single shots. C'mon man, it's an AK, we should be able to use it like one! I didn't get any farther than these two levels because it was absolutely hard to actually play.

If you're going to make a sequel improve it. This game isn't what I thought it'd be.

its ight



Was this a game or a trial of patience? The controls were non-exsistent and the gameplay just downright horrible. I made it past the first level and then decided to do something fun.