Reviews for "MMBN - Internet V2"


uh, yeah....this is a pretty decent song, but didn't you say that you were working songs from the fall sampler? because this song is kind of, I don't know, "backgroundish" if that makes sense, and personally I'd rather listen to some of the awesome stuff in the sampler like Trap Obsession (can't wait!) and all the other stuff there.
So yeah, decent and stuff, but not outstandng.

Better be alive. <<''''

ok first off, I do like the piece even if i for the most part hated the first BN.....bloody faceless net layout.

Second, Im somewhat ticked because I had this nice long useless comment in progress when my laptop touch pad thingy spazzed and when I hit backspace i went back a page.

Anyway keep churning out music at the cost of your soul, or your fans will be very dissapointed in you but still respect you and listen to your music.

-The Tengu of Darkness

Nice to see some of your work again.

Unfortunately I never liked this song and have always found it dull. Well, you definitely kept the same feel of dullness. I think this is one of the main reasons why I never liked playing MMBN1, the cyberworld music just bothered me too much and bored me to death half the time.

Would've been nice to find something a little more interesting done with this song but, you kept the original feel and the whole thing in general true to the one from the game itself.

Overall, I have an 'eh' feeling to it. But since it's so well done either way, I'm giving it a 9, even if I don't personally like it. :o

No words to express the awesomness =D

It's way better than the original
It has that Nostalgic feel that makes me to play it =.
and the bg voices.... just awesome ^^

Zero-Resurrected responds: