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Reviews for "a Trip in Obscureness"


This really reminds me of two games :) The last lower regions in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and also a little of the graveyard in Shadow Hearts: Convenant. This makes me want to take my chair and smash into my wall, seriously. xD It's almost like it's speaking to you. Maybe it sounds a little from something in Diablo too? It's a good creepy game soundtrack :)

Semaphore responds:

yeah diablo 2 was probably in my mind when I built it

I'm glad you like it Chris =)


Its very scary and very dark and i love it.

Semaphore responds:

thanks =)

Creepy as hell

This piece shall have a nice home in my Fallout 3 dungeon music folder!

Semaphore responds:

that would be cool =D

thank you very much


This is absolutely brillant, i've been looking for a song, that could capture the dark and mysterious mood for a Flash game/movie i've been working on, with you permission of course i would LOVE to use your song.


Semaphore responds:

give me credits and of course you can use it =)

thank you very much GuardianBob

Yeah, awesome, I love it! It´s like when "Silent Hill" meets "F:E:A:R:", you better watch out for Alessa and Alma and their minions... BWOHAHA! :D

Semaphore responds:

I'm Scared D: