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Reviews for "Best I Ever Had (R.Y.D.)"

im with dex on this

but its still hot, usually this is how i look at remixes, u must do it just as good as the original or better, you did just as good but next remix try and do something original besides just swagger jackin the flow lol dont mean to be blunt but dats exactly what is, def i like this man if you would of been on the original it probably would of got the same hype, stay up and chk my latest track im workin on

RemixF2D responds:

swagger jackin lol im gonna have to use that in a verse thanks for the review bro and the score I appreciate your honesty but what you didnt like about it...is exactly what I inteneded it was a fun track parody I suppose I intentionally took myself away from my flow to see if i could pull it off.


Good Shiitt

3.95 / 5.00 (+ 0.050)

WTF are your scores so low man... fuck... I be voting you up all the time and you still get 0 bombed by these fags.

RemixF2D responds:

thx for the review cajete. ryder did good on this.
more fire comin


Once again,

Very Nice, You Still got a Playlist on my iPod. Hah, I got over 2000 Songs, but i still never get tired of these songs when they show up. Thanks again man.

RemixF2D responds:

Good To Hear Oxide ultimate compliment knowing that you can rock our tracks on your iPod cause I def do the same with several NG artists, but be sure to help spread the work cause AftyrLyfe is now on iTunes, and our popularity is boomin dawg! Much appreciated on the review in score ill be sure to keep you up homie, deuces!


Damn better then i expected

This is just Sick. I seriously instant downloaded this remix. Keep making more, Let haters hate.


RemixF2D responds:

hahahaha Thanks Jack! Very happy that you enjoyed the remix dude I had alot of fun on this track and I think it will mesh in well with the rest of the mixtape ill def be pumping out afew more remixes with afew of my friends my boi Frosty is doing a remix to kanye wests 'Power' and im working on a remix to 'beemer, benz, and bently' called 'subie, honda, nissan' keep a look out for those!


I've been listen to this since its released. Still listen to this until now. This is fantastic.
please help me with the lyrics.
Keep up the great work guys. You guys rock!
Sorry for my poor english