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Reviews for "Best I Ever Had (R.Y.D.)"

I've been listen to this since its released. Still listen to this until now. This is fantastic.
please help me with the lyrics.
Keep up the great work guys. You guys rock!
Sorry for my poor english


Way to make a shitty song ten times more shitty.. What is up with this new shitty style of rap? bah..

RemixF2D responds:

Go Fuck Yourself...thanks for listening to the track.


Great Job

Damn Dude Heres the deal im not really into the whole top 40 scene i rarely listen to music on the radio... but i know who the artists are you know... drake is a good rapper and all but the whole reason i dont like the radio is because the songs that are "HOT" get played out... but as one of your comments says you have the potential to be a #1 artist... you definately have skill bro keep it up im going to add you to my favs and keep checking back on ya...10/10 5/5

RemixF2D responds:

Wow...that's a hell of a compliment feenux and I can't express how much I appreciate it bro...I make music because I have fun doing it and I never wanna stop having fun as long ad I have something relevant to say that people appreciate I'm in it for the long haul...its just so great to know that atleast one or hundred or a thousand people can relate to whhat I'm saying. Awesome.


Damn better then i expected

This is just Sick. I seriously instant downloaded this remix. Keep making more, Let haters hate.


RemixF2D responds:

hahahaha Thanks Jack! Very happy that you enjoyed the remix dude I had alot of fun on this track and I think it will mesh in well with the rest of the mixtape ill def be pumping out afew more remixes with afew of my friends my boi Frosty is doing a remix to kanye wests 'Power' and im working on a remix to 'beemer, benz, and bently' called 'subie, honda, nissan' keep a look out for those!


ya bruh

nice remix bro. hahaha but ima have to say like orig. beTTa :/

RemixF2D responds:

haha its all good homie, im just glad you like my version in any way at all thanks for the vote and review always appreciated.