Reviews for "Duel Of Fates (R.Y.D.)"


to Ryder,

how did you do the background voice edit?

good song

RemixF2D responds:

wats up Iyama, yea bro our engineer at the studio took my voice and just singled out that last line put an effect on it, it took awhile to get it the way I wanted but in the end it turned out just evil enuff. im not sure what the name of the attachment was that he used though bro just experiment homie thanks for the score and review deuces!



Been gone WAY too long, this is fucking great, Once again, badass, keep me updated man.

RemixF2D responds:

Thanks Oxide glad we could have somthin nice for you to bump on your return were still in the lab cookin up some new tracks for the R.Y.D. mixtape and AftyrLyfe 2nd album so just keep an eye on KOA/AftyrLyfe/ and R.Y.D. we are def gonna keep it HOT!




nice flow man;)

also the beat is the bomb

faved and i will keep an eye on you :P

keep it up bro;)

star wars ^^

RemixF2D responds:

Glad you like it JB alot of time was put into this track so knowing that its appreciated this much really does mean alot good lookin out dude check out some of the other newer tracks and leave a critique thanks


Star wars

Yo this is one nice ass beat. You and wytenoiz are pretty good. The lyrics are pretty sick too!!! The flow is also pretty good as well. I like the fifth verse the most. I am an epic Star Wars fan. This totally deserves a...


-DJ AsianTech

RemixF2D responds:

review #30 glad you liked the track overall Asian Tech, and def appreciate the score the beat was sick so we treated it the best we could with mutiple artists it just felt like it was laid out that way the star wars theme was eay for each of us to take and make our own with subtle references to the movies and still reprersenting our own personal character and flow. stay up on all the newest tracks bro and thanks again



Yo this is sick son

RemixF2D responds:

good lookin out fam. rep it high for the aftyrlyfe.