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Reviews for "HAMU"

what is this game??

what type of game is this?!?!
it's wonderfull I mean you think just a regular break-out game, but this is just great, awesome!!!¡¡¡
keep up the fantastic work!¡!¡!¡

Oh my gawsh!

I love breakout! And you just made it ten times better! I wouldn't change a thing about it.

truly impressed. more plz

Without a doubt, the best variation of break-it I have ever had the honor to play. I LOOOOOVE Break-it, and have never found any annoyances with the various copies, but this is no copy, so along with the awsomeness of break-it, I got to experience large amounts of originality! =D x(random number above 1)...(most likely 2)

So much better than other games of this type

I liked this game so much more than "typical ball-and-paddle" like games. Very nicely designed. I liked the "hypnotic effect", though at times it was hard to keep track of where the ball went.

Loved it.


this is the best looking flash game so far