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Reviews for "HAMU"


really nice game, but add more stuff to it like ball speed and stuff you can catch.
that will really add something to the gameplay.
if you make a sequel, i'll vote 5 fot it again.

I liked it.

I've played a good number of "breakout" style games, this one I found to be pretty challenging. Nice background music. Fairly good patterns. But what I think I like the most is the ball control on the paddle. It's not often I find a breakout game that I can choose subtle angles of attack with simply by varying how far off center the ball hits. Usually I have to try a risky move like hitting the ball on the very edge to control the angle. That gets difficult at high speeds. I really liked the control scheme on this game. It gives the player a chance to demonstrate their skill at aiming the ball rather than just the random bounce back I see on so many other games.

Good work,

It was awesome!

I think this game is really good. The graphics are great! The style was really good. Though, I think you should've added more power-ups. I think the ball should have went a little bit faster. It was very addicting though and I really like this game.

Oh my gawsh!

I love breakout! And you just made it ten times better! I wouldn't change a thing about it.

I love this game!!!!!!!!

This is the best game EVER!!!! I would play this game forever if I didn't have to sleep!!! You rock my world for making this game!!! =)