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Reviews for "*TornadoMan DnB Rmx*/ ZeRoBaSs"

Pretty happy.

Sounds nice and friendly at first, then starts to become more megaman style.




Awesome, This is the song i shall hear if i ever get to play that game again. but awesome Remix and i love everything about it. Excelllent Job!


just plain awesome, nothing else really needs to be said here.

Wow wow...and WOOOW!!

Zero Bass...Imma really need you to do a remix of all my favorite songs cause your remixes are like so badass and they always end up on my ipod. You make my ear rejoice!

You never cease to amaze me.

This was one catchy remix you did of Tornado Man's theme from Megaman 9 which was my favorite one from that game,it was accurate while having a good bit of your own original work pumped into it,it had a variety of style while staying consistent which is like trying to look left & right at the same time in my opinion so i gotta say that's impressive,overall i really enjoyed this remix of yours as i do all your work. =)

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thank you! ^^