Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"


This is good but I think that you can maby add a stop and play buttons, cos its long

reojionline responds:

I`ll think about it cause the sound setting will be ruin

well done...

you've done really well but the eric voice needs work it has no emotion it really needs that to give the movie an extra boost, and make more please it was very good your graphics were good the only downer in that was as i said before the lad eric speaking keep up the good work.


reojionline responds:

Well its the text to speech engine I cant really create emotion but I have tried slowing certain portion of the script and creating different spelling like„³ instead of man ill go with maann but the result still no good . Any way I can¡¦t find voice actor and my Mic broken so that¡¦s the solution (many past movie review wanted voice so Walla! Voice in my third movie)

good job.

i take it english isn't your first language. for your next movie, you should get someone to do the voices, and maybe someone to check your script to make your sentences sound more natural. i highly suggest doing this.

you're drawing is great. i don't see anything wrong with it. the only problem is the script and voices. if you do this with your next movie, and the visuals are even close to this movie's, i'm sure it'll get atleast a 3.8/5. you have incredible talent and promise, all you have to do now is fix the voices and sentences. that's all.

reojionline responds:

Okay then ill try fixing it, Correct! English is not my first language and you know what! I have been thinking too, finding people to do the scripting work and voice acting but when I think again who will want to do that with my movie?hm...it still kept me thinking any way thanks for the reviews and to all the reviewer of Doll Ville The nice guy

Not bad!

This is a good effort (especially after the endless hordes of crap today.) The movie looks fine, despite your worries about pointed drawings...the robot in particular is really well done, and the human characters at least look and move like people. I really like the introduction - feels very professional, and sets a nice mood.

The most glaring problem was probably the voice acting - the lead character sounds rather weird, usually monotone and inflecting in all sorts of weird places (which is why I actually gave this humor rating...it's kind of funny.) The grammar is also somewhat messed up....I know you mentioned that grammar and voice scripting aren't your strengths, but you could probably at least get someone to spell and grammar check your dialogue before making the movie. The story is also kind of vague..it's mysterious and all, which is interesting, but it just puts out a lot of questions without really answering or saying much. Perhaps try and include a little more plot in the next few episodes.

Still, good effort on this one.

reojionline responds:

Same here, I was laughing to some part of the voice acting especially Elric voice,
I’ve tried to improve but the end result is the same and the voice is that of Text to speech if you haven’t notice it. Even the intro in I’ve stated like Elric voice by Auron TTS of the acapela group<- name of the company who owns the program (it’s the online demo though I didn’t bought the program)

Great Work!

Excellent Flash Reoji!! As you said, you don't have brush tools, so that;s the only reaosn you didn't get ten for style. The music was amazingly done, but the voices were a little slow, and it continued to bother me. The Robot sounded great though. Lots of random violence, which is a plus, and his line about "I can't die... I'm the nice guy" cracked me up. Again, Great job, hope that you can get some better tools for your next flash, I'd love to see it!

reojionline responds:

Thank you very much,I was think of removing the voice but well tell me in the review?if someone out there want to voice this email me okay.Thanks for the review