Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"


its nice but u only needed to write zenon's name once in audio

reojionline responds:

Well I’ve used like 4 track from zenon audio portal so there you go.thanks 4 d`review

Exellent Work.

The graphics were done very nicely same with the story line.
The sound quality wasn't very clear in some parts though. Otherwise everything was awesome. Keep up the great work.

reojionline responds:

You think so?really, thanks man,i`ll continue to make it batter

this was good but i believe you can do better

i liked most of it but the voices need some work, it sounds like you were using a text-to-sound program...(iono wat theyre called...) but other than that it was ok, you should work more with the fantasy concept...

reojionline responds:

Thank you,yes its TTS and i will try to work more on the fantasy concept.

Good job...

The first part of this movie was very interesting...but with the giant robot and the "super saiyan"-like transformation you ruined the atmosphere!!!:D

reojionline responds:

Okay then its some kind of fantasy movie
.Maybe next time ill stick to the ground and thanks for the review

umm needs work

looks ok but some of the fighting like the mid-air punching seems to lack feeling and force.Plus the voice acting seemed like one of those programs u tpye words/senteces in and the computer would say it out,either that or the ppl didnt really cared about trying their best and did it less that half assed.the voices need emotion,the graphic could get touched up alittle.
I just saying u could do better.

reojionline responds:

Finally somebody notice it! Bravo! the voice acting was done using the text to speech program! Much like the clock crew usually do but with a little tweak any way thanks for the review