Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"

heh heh heh heh

After defeating the robot with the power of the amulet, our hero cries emotionlessly: "what the hell just happen?"

..someone set up us the bomb! Haha, you can tell you translated... Maybe that's why you used the robot voices. At least they're better than Microsoft Sam. Very cool storyline and interesting stuff... Work on the graphics and maybe see if some newgroundsers would like to do the voices for you...

otherwise pretty good stuff!

reojionline responds:

Don’t worry I’m working on it, Currently think of making the second part since this got most of people attention, if this surpasses dual swords like 1000 views you’ll see the second part but if not you’ll see it to but much later when I got some really got improvement in skill and animation. (currently think of doll Ville part 2 and dual swords part 2 <-there people waiting so I’ll be making it just need time)

Good but...

This made me laugh becasuef of:

A) The computer voices (complteely emotionless)


B) Because the graphics were, as you said, so liney.

LOL you have potential. Keep pracitcing and doing what your doing.

reojionline responds:

I guess that’s good huh? some people think it funny and some don’t Hm… for its both before the music and voice it was nice then add the music looks good then the voice at first I was like wow this TTS is good (for the Mayu and Hari part) I was searching for a young man voice for Elric then after days of searching I got one nice enough probably the best among the demo online I’ve found. so now you know?

WoW !!

So blatant, totally 08/15

reojionline responds:

Blatant? Okay then the whole movie or certain scene only? Maybe the credits well I’ve already try my best mixing the sound especially the SFX some cannot be heard when the music is playing but when you play the movie on the select scene you will hear difference
Trust me (I guess that’s a plus huh?)


Holy crap, you just gave me like, 4 submissions...

Dude, you have made my day. Not only that, freakin awesome flash!

Awesome work!

reojionline responds:

Well those were very good song especially the universal destruction its my favorite(didn’t like the full version though) but all good, When I start making this flash I wasn’t even thinking about using your song in fact I didn’t think of the music, I was like okay lets make some scene here and there when its finish then I start looking, Well I downloaded some of your song and test it and it fits although many adjustment were made especially the fight scene(sorry about that but it’s all good though not too many modification just minor mixing).So there you have it combination, Thanks 4 the review man

Amazingly great

probably the best flash on newgrounds. Thanks for the protection point =). like someone else said put in some more 'dramatic' voices

reojionline responds:

Probably the best flash on newgrounds, Hm... that’s nice to hear although I don’t think so but I’ll try to do better next time hopefully I’ll get to create some of the best flash on newgrounds but then again that would be a big project and consume a lot of time, I still don’t have such determinations unless I got some really good skill and idea, I `m still improving so maybe the best is yet to come? LOL any way thanks for the review