Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"

Pretty good!

Some sounds was good and somes not. But overall that was a good movie. Different than others. Well you can up to frame rate on Flash.
But keep going dude!

reojionline responds:

Hey Thanks Dude for the nice review,hm... I will keep doing it but first I need to find a life... NG is eating me alive(LOL) and Idea....


Thanks for using my audio, mate. Made my day.

The graphics *were* kinda liney, but they were still pretty stylish. Also, it's really nice to see something with a bloody plot on the portal for once.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, man.

reojionline responds:

hm... glad you like it man,Love the song,The liney thing is due to the line tool used I think,any way I`m learning the optimization tool which I will change the way I animate(maybe) thanks to bitey tutorial

it was good

liked the violence but here are some suggestions.

1. make it faster slow punches an the guy talked real slow that really bummed out the movie it was like-what.....the....hell? an don't....worry....i'm....a....nice....guy.

2. the explosions an punches were the same all thru the movie add some varity but prtty gd 3/5

reojionline responds:

Still searching for Elric voice and I’ve fixed the tweened and the explosion underway now.Thanks for the review

Liked it.

Maybe the dialogue was akward but I think you did that purpously....either way it was better than average.

reojionline responds:

Glad you like, well the dialogue was much like fill in the blanks(looking at the scene and think what kind of line would fit right) for me though and that’s why maybe, I was never a good script writer and I think if I was to leave it as it is with no dialogue most people would understand the story line in there own way I think but still I decided to put it in due to the demand on my previous review( I mean voice needs subs cause the TTS cant be heard properly and people will get mad again).
Thank you very much for the review

Extremely Awkward

Well, it seemed like you had the right idea, but it was executed in a very odd fashion. What annoyed me the most was the voice of the protagonist. It was obviously some sort of program and it sounded very robotic and monotone. If you can't voice act, then don't. Please do not rely on speech programs unless you're making a clock/lock movie. The graphics were generally good. There were a few awkward movements and strange tweens, but still, they were decent overall. The dialogue was also very weird. "...with massive mass"? Come on man, word your sentences more appropriately or have someone proofread. The fight sequence was alright, but when the robot smashed the guy's spine, what, five or six times, how is he still alive? Unless he has some sort of super powers, metal crushing against vertebrae equals paralysis. However, despite all the oddities, I cannot give you any less than a 6. It's obvious that you spent a load of time on this flash, so I'll cut you some slack. Great effort, not a bad job.

3.45/5.00, B-, 81/100

reojionline responds:

Well Thanks there for the review, For it to come from some one who is really experience and got a lot of awards is truly appreciated ,So I’ve fixing some of the tween check it out, nothing major though so there you have it. I’m still searching for the voice it could be any time now. About the spine well the amulet heal it (you know amulet are suppose to protect some one from harm but I made a plus like make him berserk and powerfully)