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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"

Greatest movie ever! Almost greatest flash ever!

Great flash, man!
You managed to get the dolphins in kind of a 3D-look.
This was a good music video, it deserves the place in this collection!

Cool idea with the "secret-clips"-thing.
But I just found two of them, and one of them didn't work... :s
I don't know, is this a bug?

Anyway, Superrior music video!!


AntonyC responds:

Hey! Thanks man :D
You might be thinking of the bit at the end where Pynki's visible just before the rockets launch... In which case I can assure you that the secret works, though you might have to try clicking something else on screen ;) as, though there IS a secret everytime you see him, pynki himself isn't always clickable.
-Rock on!

If I had just one last wish...

...I would wish more flashes were of this quality, and more would be done about HHGTTG. It's my favorite movie of all time-see profile-and it's a shame how little publicity it gets.

AntonyC responds:

Hey! Thanks for the fav!
Yes It was a jolly entertaining flick. Surprising how it hasn't caught on in the flash world as much as other similar popular culture references.

FINALLY something About The H.H.G. To the Galaxy!

This song is awesome. I remember the first time I saw the H2G2 movie, And it was hilarious! Ever since, I've always kept a towel or two nearby...
Anyway, this is really cool, and those Computer Dolphins are pretty cool. Well done. I wish I could give you a higher score.
P.S.: I know that this has nothing to do with this movie, but certainly with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Anyway, Not counting deleted reviews, This is my 42nd review.

AntonyC responds:

Ooh! Cosmic...
Thanks V. much for watching!
...now where did I park the BistroMath?

Absolutely Incredible!! you are such a genius

this has inspired me to actually get out there and stop making stupid flash commercials and do some decent stuff for once !!! thanks technotom

AntonyC responds:

Oh, most indubitably awesome.
Best of luck to you, old bean and thanks for letting me know :D

*thumbs UP* GREAT JOB ^^

I love this song and the movie. It brings happyness to me *smiles*
keep it up (i wonder if best buy is open)

~Lord of the Skys~
Best wishes on your on coming flashes *bow*

AntonyC responds:

I will! :)
Thanks to you and your awesome review! *bows back*