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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

The song is hilarious, the graphics are great, and dolphins are my 2nd favorite animals! Wonderful!

nice !

ur video is so good !!! the song is good the graphic too ! and there is a game in the video ! what can we ask more from a video ?? XD


That was awsome. By the way weesatan. WORST, JOKE, EVER

best graphics ive eva seen (exept for 3d flash)

amazing animazing get it?............|=(
anywho ive found 3 of the gallery things but i cant find anymore (even when the jellyfish appeared the 2nd time in the open water......any help?

AntonyC responds:

Hey thanks!
Heh. There is actually something clickable somewhere onscreen when Pynki appears in the open water... think hard :)
Rock on!


dude it was awesome i like the intro and you did an awesome job syncing the song to the animation by the way kudos on the credits i like how they aren't the standard scroll credits dude you got to do more movie song flashes any way keep up the awesome work and i hope to see more in the near future