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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"


i love the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series, This was nicely done

I'm tired of writing for AMAZING works, NOT THIS!

Haha... I love this. This is pure gold. The past 5 submissions I've seen, and rated/reviewed, have all been amazing to say the least. Especially true with this submission. Unfortunatly it wouldn't be right for me to copy and paste, edit for your specific submission, and submit THAT as my review... but after seeing this I wish I could do that without feeling redundant. This scores high in everything (it was aimed at), and rightly so. Your graphics were amazing, I doubt you could have done better with the dolphins singing (the front on views however, were FLAWLESS) with unlimited resources and time... well, maybe just a tad- but perfect while still being productive!

I have to say the style and sound here were perfect aswell. As I mentioned in another Top 10, this is one of the few I come accross that REALLY tickle my fancy. While I didn't laugh out loud, let alone crack up, I still found this to be amazingly funny. The idea was just so fitting with dolphins. Interactivity even gets a rating for the menu with extra options than just the movie, before the movie. I haven't seen Hitchiker's, but if it was part if not most of your inspiration, I'm going to go out and BUY it right now. You'll definately get a 5 on the voting... and as I've said in 4/5 of my past reviews, I DEFINATELY want to see more out of you. This took talent, and not just talent with computers.

It's selfish but I'd love if you lost your job (unless this IS your job?! :D) and won the lottery, and just cranked these out like wildfire. Well done.


Good. Sort of hard to hear the voices do to the music, but I don't think thats your fault.

you made the Hitchhiker's series even better!

keep up the good work!


You done the movie proud good job.

So long and thanks for the fish errrrrrr i mean flash.