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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"


Having read the book, -and- seen the movie, I can really see where the author chose who to follow; John Malkovich or Douglas Adams. I understand that it is based on the movie, but it might have been better if it relied more on the book. However, in the sense of pure animating skill, it was far better than most submissions here. Synced, coordinated, and rhythmic, the graphics stay in time with the music flawlessly. All in all, damn good. I say to Donald: Well done. I congratulate you, sir.

Great song, great flash.

It was a great movie, but I REALLY just got angry seeing the dolphins faces from anything but a side-view... those eyes just sort of bug me... maybe make them complete circles?

Great Song

I was a very big fan of the movie and the song and i really injoyed this it was very well made.

Good job

Fan of the movie--and this was well made

Better than the Film

Amazing, better than the film's version, because the words were clearer here with the imagery. Fantastic work!