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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"

This rules!!!

Man that was great. I was singing along with it so that got you the interactivity points. i'm glad someone made a flash for the into to Hitchhickers's guide move, the song was funny as hell to begin with and this flash just made it all the better. I loved the animation for this, your style for dolphins is quite good. The subtitle option is a nice add since some of the words I wasn't sure of. This deserves frontpage, rock on dude!


Wow, that was great. I probably watched it over 7 times. I love the song and the graphics are amazing. Possibly one of the greatest flashes i have ever seen.


I love The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and this was a worthy tribute. I love the song and cannot stop singing it to myself sometimes. The graphics were VERY well done, and you managed to incorporate 3D effects into it presumably without Swift 3D...and I LOVED the whole sort of underwater city things...I HAVE read the book...and this is simply awesome. A ten for you sir.

Bulb-With-No-Watts needs to get over himself...

Okay, it was only the opening number and it was meant to emphasize the ideas that the dolphins were sorry to see us go. Sure it wasn't singing the Star Spangled Banner while doing a double back flip through a hoop but it was still pretty funny!

I really liked the artwork and everything. I thought it was well done and was very entertaining. Frankly, if someone's saying go watch the British episodes of the tv show, I'd rather say GO LISTEN TO THE RADIO SHOW SINCE IT'S NOT AS CAMPY!!!!

AntonyC responds:

Hey thanks!
I just finished listening to Tertiary phase (series 3) while making this. It's my favourite so far... Here's hoping it gets into the sequel movies!

You just dont get it

The one thing i absolutely hated about the disney production of hitchikers and you make it a flash. Disney make hitchickers much too kid friendly with the singing dolphins when in reality is directed towards adults. Instead of watching that movie ... try reading the book or watching the BRITISH episodes!