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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"


It is so awesome to see a Hictchiker's Guide to the Galaxy flash on the front page! I being a huge fan (just look at my friggin' profile!) had to give this a 5. I really liked this and would've have actually rather had something similar to this as the intro to movie which i didn't really like at all. Hell, the entire movie sucked! But this flash was awesome!

Loved the movie, the song... and the flash!

WOW! I loved the original song, but you've taken it one step further... AMAZING WORK!


That was some very impressive work there. People should not vote this flash down because they didn't like the movie, we should judge the amount of work in this flash. This is deffinetly some great work in here. Keep up the good work!


I'm sorry, but since this is for the movie (Which sucked like a quarterback's girlfriend), that fact alone makes it not that great... The book was so better that it makes "42" look like dog crap...
Also, it was rather unoriginal... But, the effort it took to make this makes it all worthwhile, I'm certain. It's much better than the crap I could make... Good job.

"We Apologize For The Inconvenience"

Other than the fact that the song was to long for the movie itself...... I liked this. It worked well :D.

Anybody who calls it crap is a weeaboo who has yet to see the movie or something...