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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"


this movie pwns. i really like ur animation skills on the dolphin's mouths.


great flash skills, but i dont really got the point ^^


a great flash remake no matter how old this is.
Ah this brings back a lot of things.


...Joyful!! :D

Super Great!

This was a great flash! I watched the movie once but forgot it, and only watching another video on NG brought up the one last wish thing which I thought was hilarious. I have ideas where the secrets are for people who want them:

1. Click the word secret at the gallery page.
2. The first time the jellyfish appears in the movie, click him.
3. Hard to spot, but I think he is in the coral right before you see the rockets.
4. He sticks out like an open thumb, but is not the button.

I dont know where to click for the 3rd and 4th, but you know the locations, and can get your tab button ready.

And I noticed the 42 in the beginning... perhaps you could find a way to insert it at the end too?