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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"

love it

The movie was great, and this flash as well. Such a monty python-ish moment will always be with me.

By the way, i noticed your Guide entry for Earth is from the revisited edition...

The Book was better

I gave it a ten because i have the up most respect for the books. Sadly i never saw the movie. Anyways The flash was very good. The music i think it came from the movie but i never watched it so i don't know

this song always gives me dolphinbumps

thanks for all the flash!~ :D

WOW Dude

well one without the sub title i couldint folow the song
2 wow you got a reveiw the TheWax man
3 lol world be distroyed lol
4 lol, its a quote.

Thanks for all the fish

I loved Hitchhiker's Guide & this was awesome. The art style was great and the audio quality was good. I like the scene where the rockets were launching.

AntonyC responds:

Ah Sweet!
Thanks for stopping by.
I love your Sonic stuff.