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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"

Holy mother of...

This. This was excellent! Nay, PERFECT! The only thing it needs are subtitles with a bouncing ball! That's all in needs really, SUBTITLES!

"The worlds a-bout to be destroyed, theres no point getting all annoyed" I love it!

AntonyC responds:

See that little 's' in the bottom left?
Sorry there's no bouncing ball though. Believe me, I considered it, but that intro took it out of me. ^_^


Ignore the low score, it just had something i dont like that i can't put my finger on. BUT MAN THOSE GRAPHICS! That would have taken forever it was enjoyable to watch but not the best thing, I'm still trying to get over those graphics though!

AntonyC responds:

Hey thanks!
I think I know what you mean...
Make sure you watch it from the intro, that often seems to help.

Hated the movie, hated the song

I thought the movie was absolutely terrible, and it was honestly intended for kids aged 3-12... And the song was kinda gay too... but I can't give you a low rating because I do believe you did an incredible job on this here flash.

To anyone who reads this. Read the books, you'll find they're about 23 times better than the movie. There are soo many jokes and puns and clever lines that were left out of the terribly watered down movie!


Amazing graphics and good use of catchy song!

Graphics: Absolutely amazing. The way those dolphins move! WOW!
Stlye: Great
Sound: Great use of such a catchy song and of good quality
Violence: N/A
Interactivity: Subtitles, different version and the gallery with secrets makes good interactivity!
Humour: It is so funny with lots of laughes but I suppose thats just the song...
Overall: A great piece, kepp up the good work!!!

nicely done

ah another good music video havent seen one since.