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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"


Finnaly, after "MONTHS" (Well I found all the others months ago and came back to find the last one) of looking I found the final secret!

I'm not gonna tell a sole where it is, but it was annoying to find it.

PS. AWESOME FLASH, Awesome movie and great song.

PPS. XiaoXiao fans will probably like the last secret


PPPPS. Thanks....... for all the fish ^_^

AntonyC responds:

How very awesome of you!
Thanks loads for the review and all the dedication! :)

Very good!

Hah! It looks like a professional did this! I'm serious! You did a great job with all of the special effects and the animations were fluid and well drawn. I loved it. Awesome job.

AntonyC responds:

Sweet, sweet music to my ears.
Thanks a million! :D


WOW hat is the best thing I have ever seen!! well done! Woooow

AntonyC responds:

Heh... In that case I highly recommend 'Prowlies at the river' By Adam Phillips.
Heck, any of his Brackenwood series is a blast! Seriously -checkout the top 50, they're all there.

Mmmmh.. .NO

nope I'm sorry but I think that idea was created before. Therefore all this artwork is nullified. You might want to consult the professional artists that made the animation to fite the music before you say that YOU made the animation for the music.

That's like me making a remake anime of Lord of the Rings.
----Your just living off the movie's sucess.

AntonyC responds:

Pardon me, but are you saying I stole this animation? I assure you I drew and animated every darn thing in it myself (with the partial exception of the pictures of the planets).
"You might want to consult the professional artists that made the animation to fite the music"
I assume you are refering to THIS animation and not the video footage of dolphins they used in the movie... If so I'm honestly flattered that you assume it was made by professionals.

Yay!! Something from Hitchhikers!

Gosh, I really liked this movie, so random, lacks of sense, but it can make sense as well. And this song, so catchy; it's great to see it in a flash animation. And good job with the main menu, almost just like the dvd menu itself.