Reviews for "SP - Generic Dance Song 3 V4"


Nice electro and trance mix, also nice beat.

umm, it's good

It's a good song. It isn't super duper stupendous, but it's exactly what the title claims to be: a generic dance song. I can't find anything that would make this song faulty in any way. However, I can't find anything that makes it stand out amoung great songs. It is quite pleasant to listen to, though.

awesome...just awesome...no wait....more than that

super uber mega ultra incredibly ultimately awesomeness....45/10 if i could


i got up and moved my ass

its as it says

for just a generic dance song this is perfect. now some one take this shit and make it blow our minds! i say 10/10 for what it is a generic dance, nothing fancy but catchy and it doesnt make me wanna burn orphanages down