Reviews for "My Cartoon"

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Although I didn't laugh out load, I guess you did a decent job. Nice attempt at humor.


i like to say "Fuck You" too!

oh yeah



i think this was funny. it didn't made me laugh, but i still think this is funny.
the graphics are good (they are even awesome considering the age of this flash!) and the voice acting is ok, too. i also liked the animations. that guy was able to move his legs when he was walking. it's a rare thing in those old flash movies...
the lip sync is done very well, so you get a big plus for that.
unfortunately the cartoon is pretty short; i think that guy could have done a little bit more to "entertain" the viewer.

the animation was good
we have a character walks
i didn't see him bend his knees but an otherwise perfect walk cycle
the voices were clear and audible
it seems like a character shows us his cartoon but cant think of anything to do in it
he becomes frustrated and decides to stop working on his cartoon
nice statement about writers block