Reviews for "My Cartoon"

It started out pretty cool.

When the flash started, I was expecting something awesome, and the graphics were what was awesome, especially for 2000. The sound was good as well. My main problem was that it didn't really have much to do with anything. It's your cartoon, yet a cartoon doesn't really exist in this flash. You do have good flash skills though.

((( UM OK )))

Well not sure what that was, seemed abit rude, but anyways the voice was very good, it didnt make me laugh but i seen the concept of almost noting with something, the character was ok could be improved though, anyways notbad but it lacks lots and you know this...


A simple mildly amusing idea

It sucked but it would have been awful if it had been a good flash movie. I feel you had a ncie idea here it works, it made it's point, the jokes fairly okay, you never tried to make this good, it deserves to be on Newgrounds and I feel it has a deserving score not quite a 2, but then with this you never expected anything more.


Compared to your "Catch Marilyn" flash, this is a step up. However, you have many steps to go before you can be an acceptable flash artist. You should also add a little more point to your flash than having a guy telling the audience that that is his cartoon and then telling them to fuck off.

Not as bad as I expected

After seeing your "Chase Marylin" flash, and reading the previous reviews, I expected a lot worse. For the time this was submitted, the graphics are pretty good. I also liked the style of the character and whoever acted his voice (you?) really did an ok job. Unfortunately, there's no plot or anything. If this was the start of a series, it could've been good, but as a stand-alone flash it really isn't much.