Reviews for "My Cartoon"


I gotta be honest, I really don't get it, it seems like you didn't even really want to make this, so I don't understand why you posted it here. I "get it" its just not funny. Maybe we just have different senses of humor.

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Although I didn't laugh out load, I guess you did a decent job. Nice attempt at humor.


Well not sure what that was, seemed abit rude, but anyways the voice was very good, it didn't make me laugh but i seen the concept of almost noting with something, the character was ok could be improved though, anyways notbad but it lacks lots and you know this...


i think this was funny. it didn't made me laugh, but i still think this is funny.
the graphics are good (they are even awesome considering the age of this flash!) and the voice acting is ok, too. i also liked the animations. that guy was able to move his legs when he was walking. it's a rare thing in those old flash movies...
the lip sync is done very well, so you get a big plus for that.
unfortunately the cartoon is pretty short; i think that guy could have done a little bit more to "entertain" the viewer.

My Cartoon

This is my catroon... and fuck you.. Those where the only words that made me laugh.