Reviews for "Family guy soundboard v.2"

Great Stuff

Playing this brought back memories, i really liked the phases, but i hope you make another with Brian. Its great stuff.

Yeah but still.

I love to hear funny family guy stuff but i have been through many of them and still cant find brian's pennut butter jelly song. That was the funniest thing i have ever seen and i still want very badly to c it on 1 of these things. Please add it if u make another 1 of these. And im very sorry for anything i misspelled.

Funny stuff

Haha, nothing can beat family guy sayings. Especially Quagmire. There is no actual way to improve on this...hehe, but it is very good inspiration of things characters say in tv shows.
Good job.

real liked it :D

I love family guy soo haw seen all of the shows (almost)

Good but . . .

Its cool but some of the things you can say like "My wife has a headache THISS big" its not funny unless you see what hes doing ya know

good job though