Reviews for "Family guy soundboard v.2"

how scary

i thought it was funny. not mush of a game but its cool

Not bad

This is actually pretty funny. I don't really know what to say... this is sort of just another soundboard. It is, actually, enjoyable. Nic job, but next time, make more people than just Peter and Quagmire.

Giggedi,giggedy,gig gig gig!

You definitely get 10/10 for style for the Quagmire board. Jackpot!!!

Besides the non-clickable Quagmire head, you should extend the buttons to the area around the writing. Searching for the tiny letters to click can be a bit annoying...

Anyhow, great work already, I´d love to see a Loise board in the future...


quagmire didnt work... so yeah... umm make him work... and then ill grade hire...

please double check ur flashes before posting em!

toasterclock responds:

please read the fine print in the authors comment it will have the answer!

Quagmire not working

The P.G. soundboard is great. I was on the floor laughing. However, (and maybe its just me) your Quagmire one doesn't work.

toasterclock responds:

ya have to clock on text!