Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"


A cute chick voice. That always gets your attention from the go, doesn't it?

A creative game, that took an AGE to pass. There were, indeed, a variety of enemies, but once I discovered you could swallow their bullets (yes, I know I didn't read the tutorial properly) it became all too easy to pass. Just charge up the massive laser and wipe any virus too large to consume. Perhaps if you didn't get quite as much energy from the bullets it would at least help a little. Being able to swallow the enemy projectiles kind of neutralised the idea of having a weapon at all.

This reminded me somewhat, of a game called Bloodbug, though inverted. Not to advertise or anything, but anyone looking for a nifty little game should search for it on Newgrounds.

Anyways, for such a lengthy game, and admittedly, a very repetative one, I have to say that the ending was something of a let down. Maybe you could add different weapons or different types of anti-viruses as a bonus or something of the sort. Just to keep it interesting, you know?

Anyways, marvellously done, with classic gaming music. A nice 9/10.


lack of interest

It was good for awhile but it didn't hold my interest very long... good work.

good game

this is a great game and i hope to see more

my stats are:enemies killed 93
enemies eaten 367
times died 0
end size 161.14
weapon level 27

Great game

This is a fun game. At first, I thought the final mission was impossible, but once you grow large enough that you can eat enemies without shooting them first, the game becomes very playable. Graphics are very slick, and the music is good (though the girl's voice is a tad trite).

I would like more missions. The final mission is indeed intense, but with proper growth, the player could handle even more intense levels.

Perhaps a "New Game +" mode would be cool as well.

Jaw Droping Amazing

You really know your stuff! Congrats and continue to make flash.