Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"


its fun but it gets kinda boring after a while


Very good, but kinda easy.
truly fun.

Although I must say that the levelup system is very exploitable.

enemies killed:254
enemies eaten: 187
times died: 3
end size: 128.52
weapon level: 85

very good

I enjoyed playing it and was very fun exept i think was way too easy and when you die you get a bonus well any ways good game overall i enjoyed it sound was good the voice of the women was hileriouse.
my stats:

enemies killed: 105
enemies eaten: 132
times died: 4
end size: 124.8
weapon level: 25

somehwat fun

i stopped playing because alot of times my bullets would go right through the enemy and it was really making me mad

other than that, this game was pretty fun. not too special.

nice game

it was quite a long game but it can get longer just add some bosses and sum more weps or sumtin u must keep it a litle more interesting but furthermore keep up the good work and make a sequal or update this one!!!