Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"


i cant get past the lady with the pink hait, is this a level! or is it still loading! im i that pathetic! its confusing me!

gel responds:

You have to hit space to continue.


Great game i love it, just got one problem i cant get past the bonus level the timer dosent go down it just stays at 20 its probably my PC but could you put my mind at ease

gel responds:

That problem has come up more than once. We'll look into it, thanks! Maybe try playing in a different browser, Firefox perhaps, and in the meantime we'll try to fix that bug.


i thought this would be a time waster but damn keep it up its like as soon as you play ur hooked for half an hour. oh and plz make a sequel


My new favorite game. Too bad it isn't longer, for this is truly a masterpiece. I don't know why this is not #1 of all time.

It would be the best day ever the day you release a sequel to this (hint hint).

Not really posssible to describe with words. Just play it, and enjoy.
By the way, don't give up on it. Play it at least twice... Then... BOOM! you love it.

amazingly fun

this game is great it provides all the little aspects that make it fun and the variety of enemies and the progression keeps it fun.