Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"

the speaking girl was really annoying.

do you really think i need to be told "watch out!" AFTER ive been hit? no. get rid of her and you will have a good game.

gel responds:

We're aware some people may not like the voice, which is why put in the option to change the voice volume separately from the sound fx and music (you can slide that bar all the way down to 0).

Glad you liked the game though!

lolz figure out

lolz i figured out that you can eat the bullets of the enemies so then to charge i do is eat bullets and protect self and basically it was fun but also annoying


It took me only 3 ours and i got angry at it like normal games but it was funny!!!

Wow, great game

I started out thinking it wouldn't be a whole lot of fun but then I realized you could EAT ENEMY FIREPOWER, OMFG (plus it's a really well made game, kudos) but at the same time that kinda madeit a little too easy after you got big enough to eat the ones that just charge at you. All you had to do was hold S and absorb their attacks and then hold down your special key and dodge long enough to unleash the devastating attack. Nevertheless, really original concept, thought it was going to be a typical side-scroll shooter but it wasn't, really fun to play. I played it for 45 minutes, I know that doesn't sound like a long time but you don't know my attention span

I like it

Funny game, nicely done with the lady really speaking, although I did not had the patience to play for a loooong time, wich I will do another time though, I like the game.