Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"


Great game. I played it (And beat it) Several times. I liked the eat/grow factor of it, and it's moderatly difficult. But the problem is, if you do good on the first two levels, the last one is VERY easy, beacuse you can eat everything without even shooting it. Another thing that kinda lost that 10th star was the fact that you offer BONUSES for dieing. Even though you added an option to not take one, but come on! Do you think we're THAT bad at shooters? XD Anywho, great game. 5/5!


HOLY CRAP! dude, thanks for bringing this to newgrounds from armor games. I agree with constantlimit, plus, i was so big, i ate the saw dudes without shotting them! This game kicks ass!

Nice game

I like how you consume enemies to create charged up power shots, that is really neat. You can even inhale enemies shots, which makes it a good defense mechanism.

best ive ever seen

great game dude

fucking awsome

this is probably one of the best games on newgrounds, itrocks in every single possible way!
I don't understand why it didn't get a better prize