Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"

Gah! I hate that girl's voice!

Good game. Simple and fun, nice artword too.


That wasnt too bad. It was fun and took up a good few minutes.It was alittle too easy though. the final boss was a wuss. I liked the eating the enemy thing, but it kind of unbalanced the game. Good game

Sooooo... HARD. XoX

Sooo verry hard..
The womens voice was annoying. X-x

Catching title.

I don't remeber biology working that way...oh well the world would be much funnier...
The game was good, a bit straight forward, but entertaining, maybe a bit too easy (i guess that differs thou). Some boosts and a faster pace could really liven it up.
btw... killed: 98 eaten: 413 death: 0 size: 181.84 weapon: 77 ....I feel like a vacuum cleaner no...


great side scroller, only thing i didnt like was that the girls mouth kept moving after she stopped talking