Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"

Pretty fun... at first...

I started playing, and I thought 'hey, this is quite fun', then 'hey, this is pretty difficult', then 'hey, lasers! better dodge them' and then I accidentally ate a laser and it gave me power so I just ate all the lasers and then I died one or two times and... absolutely nothing negative about that. I GOT BONUSES FOR SUCKING. I was also dissapointed that I hardly grew at all. By the end of the game, I could eat maybe one enemy that I couldn't eat without shooting before. The whole time, I felt like I was cheating! Ridiculously easy - too easy to be fun.


I really like ALL of it, and here's an hint to make the game stay easy:
Just LET yourself get killed, then you can raise and raise the bonuses up to Max!


Blag graphics, pansy music and voice (shouldn't have to turn it down). Controls weren't tight or mapped well. Gameplay was dull. You wind up blowing up most of what you're trying to shrink. Crappy game.

That whining girl is too much

Yeah its easy to turn down the volume, but it kills one of the purposes of videogames. Regardless of that, this game is very playable.

nice lol

if people dont like the vive you can just turn the volume of the voice down to 0. i liked this game and i thought the voice was funny for a sec then it got boring lol nice game