Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"

i loved it

good game good graphics good sound
sometimes the hostess's voice was a little irratating but she was dwran rather well too. i liked it alot 5/5

Pretty Darn Cool

Yeah, that was pretty great.
I really liked the whole plotline
and the bosses
it just seemed a bit too easy... i got through the whole thing only dying once, and that was on the last boss
(cuz that thingy from the back does crazy damage)
but it was a loooot of fun.
great game!


Awesome game! I've played it a few times now, and it doesn't get old! Might I suggest, if you remake it, make it a few levels longer. And if you beat it make something spechul happen ^^

A cool game

This was a pretty cool and original game. At first glance, this looks like an ordinary 2-D scroller but as you play, you see what an in-depth game engine this game really has.

the animation was very well done and was ran really smootly. The sound was really well done also, and the announcer's voice was pretty cute ^_^ Also, the interactivity was outstanding as youu can eat things and kill them, which was pretty cool.

Overall, a very fun game with great gameplay, keep up the high quality flashes, Gel!


Really Good

Despite the annoying voice saying "watch out!" every 5 seconds, and the fact that it would be a white blood cell, not a vaccine, that kills stuff and eats it... it was really really well done. I love the fbf style of graphics and espcially like how instead of penalizing you, when you die you get a bonus that makes it a bit easier to get back on your feet. Really well thought out and designed. Although the beginning screen and name made me feel like I was like 7 about to play some educational game or something.. it was really well done. I hope to see more from you. :)