Reviews for "Super Biology Adventure"

my score

enemies killed: 87
enemies eaten: 185
times died:37
end size:143.34
weapon level:33
The girl is sOOO cute hug then and say mine all mine

pretty nice game

its getting boring fast but this is the only bad thing on this game
keep on doing things like that

Good game

You're good at this, keep up the good work! Graphics were pretty good. About the sound, the girl's voice was kinda cute and cool, however the music got repetetive incredibly fast... Next time try to change the music from mission to mission. But overall... Just like I said, good game!

ya man!!

totally awesome game man!
good ideas an all dat.
you are a true flash GAME creator.
keep it up man!

Great game

This is great.. music got really freaken annoying... and so did the girls voice.. but everything else was really well done keep up the great work