Reviews for "Happy Birthday BreadFruit"

Not verry good

But happy birthday Breadfuit!

Starberry responds:

once upon a time in the internet

How cheap!

Just timewaste.

Starberry responds:

i sucked off 3 horses


Lots of luff <3

Starberry responds:

in a world

I'm not a fan

I realize you must have not only put your artistry on the line,
but heart as well(birthday cards are very expressive.)
But, I think you should have just sent that to the birthday clock, rather than bring us portal dwellers into it.

we don't care who's birthday it is.
Unless there is a *fantastic* flash involved.

Scale, 1-10
Intent- 7
Art- 5
Time waste- 2
Assumed time on flash- 5
Keep up the good work- 9
Don't kill me for the review- 10

Starberry responds:

im not really sure how to follow your grading system and then the newgrounds one!!!1111111


I dont really know but I guess the legions are getting better everyday like the clocks are starting to get better and not doing that really freaking annoying voice thing and the locks are starting to have better graphics then just a piece of shit drawing that was made in 2 seconds

-Justin :)

Well good job I guess but eh next time try to make something better and maybe you'll get a award or front page because you guys do have the art side talent but the animation is really basic and not to advance

Starberry responds:

i wish i had the patience to make something epic but it's really hard!!!11