Reviews for "No Sympathy-Bard+Deathkalypse"

My mistake lol

I didn't realize the song was general rock until after I reviewed it, I clicked your latest song, I just misread what you said. haha

Anyway, this song sounds nice, and your vocals sound well done. It really fits the music as well, although I think it may fit my music, but you may have to go more gutteral haha. Cool shit dude, nice job!

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

hehe... hey cheers for listening to this one.

yeah, more guttural... this song is definitely at the high end of my range, just seemed to require that kind of sound... i don't do the traditional deep-muddy death growl but i can go lower. It would be interesting to have a crack at one of yours.

thanks again for the review, you rock!

fucking fuck fuck fucking fuck


That's fucking awesome. It makes me want to brutally strangle an elderly man so he violently shits his pants in the process.

It's superior to almost ALL of the absolute dire shit on this portal.

I fucking love it.

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

"That's fucking awesome. It makes me want to brutally strangle an elderly man so he violently shits his pants in the process."

\m/ .....best....review.....ever..... \m/


i gotta say man, youv got the black metal voice of satan = D this tracks wicked! i really like how the instruments change in strength when they change from verse to chorus. great stuff..ima give a 5/5 aswell

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

awesome man, glad you liked.

yeah the music is made my deathcalypse he's on this site and youtube you should check his gear he's a demon.


My comment on fists of stone: "You, this song, every single song you've made, everysingle lyric you've written, everysingle song you'll make in the future are all godly. Even your little toe on your left foot is godly. Everything positive related to you godly. Godly, Godly, godly."

This song justifies that statement :)

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

lol - how about my toejam? i say it stinks something ungodly.

glad you got to hear them NS... it's people like you that keep me making more :D

just wicked man

the song amazing coupled with your brutal lyrics, its a masterpeice, im glad ur back man, keep rockin!!

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

haha, cheers man!

good to be back