Reviews for "No Sympathy-Bard+Deathkalypse"


brutal work :P your vox are gnarly xD

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

cheers dizzy!!!

Very good

I love all your work man you are a natural. This one is dowloaded
Thanks for letting me know about it.

\m/ HAIL! \m/

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

onya crucified... good to hear from you and it's good to be back!

Very nice.

Best guitar tone I've heard thus far on newgrounds, full and gutsy. This song is a great representation of metalcore/modern thrash (I really hate to label it though). The vox are strong, and have a nice sinister sound. What I particularly like about the vocals is that I can understand them without them losing any of the aggression needed to pull a song like this off. All in all, A very cool song with the guitar and vox taking the limelight.

Only thing I would suggest is turning the bass (the instrument) up a bit in the mix, I think it would push the verse over the edge into a real chest beater. Good work, I quite enjoyed this.

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

awesome... thanks a lot for the listen, review and positive feedback.

yeah Deathkalypse did an awesome job on this track... he's turning into a monster of metal on the AP

glad you like the vocal style... i do take pride in trying to make my vox "clear yet psycho" and i agree, it's cool to be able to understand them sometimes.

cheers again!

Perfect!!!! just like the others

Just awesome man, the riffs in this songs are something out of this freaking world. And the double pedal, the bass.......... EVRYTHING is AWESOME.
you guys remind me of children of boddom, weell i like to say good fucking job, keep it up!!!

Promise me your not only going to make songs for ng all your life you got talent, and the band does too, you guy shoulds go out there and give this world a piece of your metal

....and one more thing

HEAVY METAL 4 LIFE (and all metals)!!!!!!! \,,/.

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

haha, shit man i can't promise a thing.

well, i guess it'd be pretty cool to get up on stage and scream my arse off but it's not on the radar at the moment.

unfortunately there's no way i could get into a band where i live... my town has population 500 and population of metalheads... erm, 1, i believe... i'm waaay out in the sticks.

if i ever moved into a more populated area i would definitely look to get into a metal band as a vocalist... but, once again, that's not on my horizon.

for that reason: hooray for the newgrounds AP!!! even if it does suck arse with 0-bombin' fags and whatnot.

As for the other half of this operation... i would be very disappointed if Deathkalypse were not to "make it" in some way, shape or form in the music industry. He's got talent and seems to be building a decent fan base at a fairly young age. Good luck to him, i say!

haha, longest response ever.

cheers for the kind words and long live heavy fucking metal \m/


This is so fucking epic, I have not much to say except EPIC!
Excellent work to the both of you!
This song is worthy of the horns \m/

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

\m/ straight back at ya \m/