Reviews for "Sound Designer"

Awesome, man

What ornery_scotsman said, I agree. This is really awesome, seriously. I never seen anything like this, either. Good work, dude. I really like it.

muddasheep responds:

Thanks a lot!

i laughed, i cryed, i got my bass to play along...

musicians shall rejoice, better than punk-o-matic!!!!!!

rock on,

muddasheep responds:

Thanks! Reminds me to add some eguitar notes!

I love it, it it is great

It is a bit hard to get used to but once you do it is great. I love the piano in the top and the type of save. Great job on this one.

muddasheep responds:

Thanks a bunch!

Very Nice! ^_^

Good work! Voting 5! ^_^
But litlle bug:
If you drag main line left too fast it can skip playing-line, and it can go right forever. Have you understand what I mean? ^_^
Keep working! %)

Wow, very very cool

Never seen anything like this before. Extremly creative, my only suggestion is add a for more sounds and notes. If only I were more musically tuned to individual notes and what they sound like this would be damn usefull.

muddasheep responds:

Thank you very much!