Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"

Eh, it's alright. The controls are a bit convoluted, and I have no idea why buildings so often take precedence over actual enemies, your men choosing to attack non-hostile buildings over the things currently killing them, but whatever.

It's also strange that the infantry DOESN'T block enemies from advancing to attack the ranged units, as you would expect they ought to.

It's also strange that you have no control over what units you bring WITH you to non-resourced missions. It forces you into a corner where, instead of strategizing, you have to win how the creator intended.

Despite all this, it was fun. So there's that.

Wtf? I can't build anything!

When is Battlegrounds 3 coming out!

fun but sometimes units attack a building instead of the orcs in front of the building so they die. especially frustrating in no building levels

awesome game