Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"

quite good.

grapics-when you scroll they blur quite a bit, you should sort that out
style-good, nothing to add.
sound-good, the normal sound that you would hear
violence-no blood and it wasnt all violence, maybe bigger people and a bigger game screen.
humor-just wasnt funny, =).
overall-not bad at all you should make another.


very nice game. it has good game play and smart ai. it is the best war game i have played on ng. very nice work u put inot how u can customize your hero. very nice, keep up the good work


This is what I've been waiting for. Im a fan of the both games, but is the second game there don't seem to be any healing items. Great game anyways.


I like it alot -- a really quality and inspiring game. if I could see anything in the game it would be something in the air there's so much headroom on this game and nothing to fill it. Gimme some dragons.

original was much better

what happend ? first was so much better i couldnt even figure out how to fight anyone i built my shit and i couldnt do anything else ths game sucks dont waste your time

Joelasticot responds:

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